Faith, work boots and a few stories

God has a plan for all of us, that’s for sure. Even if it seems like things won’t work out, they definitely will eventually, because they are meant to.

Our earthly lives are pretty much a big ride we get to enjoy. God is the driver and we are the passengers. All we have to do is to just have faith in Him and to follow the path He made for us.

Worries we sometimes experience are just a blindfold that falls over our eyes and makes us forget who is the driver on this journeys. He knows where we are going and that we’ll get there soon enough, so we just need to try and keep that in mind.

When I start talking about this topic I always remember one special event in my life. Allow me to share that story with you today.

Our church has a program that is designed to help the rehabilitation of convicts. A while ago, we had this gentle giant volunteer for us through that program. At a height of 6 feet and 6 inches and with a shoe size 18, he could have easily played in the NBA had God intended so.

The people from his jail told me that he doesn’t have much, which is the case with most of the guys there. Unfortunately, they don’t lack just material items, they also don’t have any family or friends due to the circumstances of their lifestyle.

One day we were sorting out the stuff we had and we were deciding what to send for recycling and what to send to our thrift shops to be sold. When I started sorting shoes, one of the volunteers from the program spotted a pair of breathable work boots asked me if he could take them as they will be perfect for his sweaty, smelly feet. I said of course and he happily put them on right away. After seeing that, the gentle giant I mentioned before looked at me with puppy eyes and asked if I had a pair in his size. Not only did I lack the shoes in his size but I honestly haven’t even seen a shoe that big in my life until then. I told him that and he walked away in his old work boots, the only footwear he owned.

A few days before he had asked me if I had some talcum powder to give him. The inside of his boots smelled really bad and he wanted to take care of that. I didn’t have the powder but I gave him a box of baking soda from the food drop off. He filled his boots with it right away and we were all so grateful that we had the baking soda to give him.

We all went back to work and continued sorting out stuff. Then I found a box of these gigantic pair of sneakers, the size I have never seen before. I called out the guys and told them to come. These big size sneakers were a perfect fit for out gentle giant. He put them on right away and they fit like a charm, with a bit of space left to grow. His eyes teared up and he was so happy and proud of his new shoes.

God has a plan for us all, we just have to wait for it to play out.